Monday, April 12, 2010

Painted Bird Designs offers handmade, one of a kind art and crafts. Choose from market bags, yoga bags, reversible totes, wallets, coin pouches, jewelry, ties, dresses, altered clothing  and more...

Available items:

Special order a market bag (50ec), yoga bag (75ec), small reversible tote bag (75ec), large reversible bag (100ec), wallet (80ec), coin pouch (30ec), earrings (25ec), tie (75ec).  Useful, durable, and vibrant! 

Wrap-around dresses available upon request.  

                         ***Last week to place orders!***

Market Bags with African/Island inspired prints..

                                                            Market Bag Sample 50ec

Large Reversible Bag Sample 100ec

Small Reversible Sample 75ec

Sample Wallets 80ec:

                                                                   *add 10ec for a zipper

Coin pouches 30ec

Available Patterns for Bags:

Blue Floral Print

 Geometric Game Print

Red/Blue Circular Print

Red Fish Scale Print

Star Print

Orange Diamond Dot Print (one market bag left)

Available Patterns for Wallets & Coin pouches:
Fun with Fuchsia Print

Green Squiggle Print

Salamander Toes Print

Cherry Picking Print

Repeating Circle Print

Green Fish Scale Print

Geometric Game Print

Crazy Camel Print

Blue Island Print

To place an order email: 

Thank You! 

Market Bags are $50 EC
Market bags are one-size-fits-all, if you have specific size requirements
please add a note, ie. slightly larger or shorter strap.
Small Reversible Tote (Choose 2 patterns) $75ec
Large Sized Reversible Bag (2 patterns) $100ec
Handmade ties $75ec
Yoga Bags $75ec
Wallets $80ec (10ec for zipper)
Coin pouches $30ec
 Earrings 25ec
Wrap Dresses $150ec
 Altered Halter tops $60ec (from your shirt)


More Samples:

Tie Sample 75ec

Yoga Bag Sample 75ec

Wrap Dress Sample 150ec

Altered Halter Top Sample 60ec